Friday, December 21, 2007

Yay for the visa!

Finally got my new visa yesterday and I'm all up-to-date on the passport thing. Getting everything done was quite a bit of work.
After officially losing my passport on Nov 4, 2007 I went with Gary [of the Teaching Dept] to the local police station of SanXia university to get a letter detailing the loss. And off I went to the Entry-Exit section of the Yichang PSB to get a "Certificate reporting loss of Passport". Armed with this document, copies of my old passport, a 4 page form and 4 photos, I left for the Indian Embassy in Beijing. Fortunately Tajik [my classmate... we go back to the 'Zephyr' repeaters era :)] had a friend in Beijing. David [DaiHui] a native of Yichang, is the 'co-boss' of a software company there. Stayed with him and got the job done at the embassy... inspite of a laminating machine malfunction.
I got back and Libby [of the FAO] furnished me with the documents required for my visa application. First I had to get my Health examination done at the 'Infectious Disease Centre, Yichang'. After a week's wait they decided that I wasn't infected with anything too contagious and with their approval letter I went to the PSB again to apply for my new visa.
Now my shiny new passport has a nice visa stamped on it... it all looks so beautiful :)

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