Friday, December 21, 2007

The Official Version 11/4

Yesterday there was a 'meeting' of the overseas students [read Indian & Nepali students] and the University administration [represented by the Dep.Dir of FAO]
If you are not familiar with these Chinese 'meeting's let me tell you what happens there. Everyone called there just sits and listens to a speech or two by some Chinese officials in chinese [with some sort of english translation] and then the meeting is adjourned. This explanation was for the benefit of anyone who had the misconception that 'meeting' meant something like a round-table discussion.

Well the purpose of the meeting was to let us know the result of the police investigation into the Indo-Nepal fight plus of course, dropping some hints as to what the University was going to do about it.

And here below is the Official version of the Events of the 11/4 Fight [the official name of the incident]
Some of it was lost in translation [principally because the translator didn't do a good job] So, what I give you here is a more brief/personalised account... but official nonetheless.

"The incident can be divided into two.
The first part occured on Firday when 5 drunk Nepali students returned to the dormitory late at night. At about 1:00 am Saturday, 2 of these boys whose room is in the 5th floor went up there and quarelled between themselves. They also disturbed the Indians living there and used bad language against them. The Indians in turn used violence. This caused one Nepali boy to jump down the stairs and hurt his left leg.
Later [about 3-4 am] the Nepali boys from the first floor went up to the fifth floor and demanded to know why this boy was beaten up. They also accused 3 Indian boys as being prinicipally involved.
The next day one of the three mentioned above, went to a certain room in the first floor and proposed a compromise talk. [I couldn't really understand the official version of how all three of the Indian boys came to be in the first floor later on... but thats what happened] And the three boys got beaten up. One of them suffered an injury to his head. It shall be classified as a minor injury.

The second part of the incident occured the next night [Sunday night, Nov 4]. The Nepalis of the first floor heard/thought they heard [again the translation was not clear], the shouts of some Nepali boys from upstairs. They rushed upstairs armed with sticks, beer bottles and other things and started fighting with the Indian boys. During this time, 4 Indian students returning to the dormitory were attacked without any reason by four Nepali boys running out of the dormitory building. This unprovoked attack lead to a head injury to an Indian boy who needed 28 stitches on his scalp. This shall be classified as a minor injury [here the translator appreared to laugh]
Photos of this injury were sent by mobile phones to the Indians in the dorm which made them angry. The angry Indians then went on to break almost everything in the rooms occupied by the Nepali boys."

The university also told us that the loss they suffered added up to 68,000 yuan. I for one don't really believe that estimate but that is the money we have to pay the university as compensation.
The university also told us that there were 16 students principally involved in the incident [7 Indians & 9 Nepalis] and that 44 students were directly involved [24 Indians & 20 Nepalis]. But they refused to release the names... we don't even know if they mean that a total of 60 students have been implicated or if its actually just 44 students with the 16 being included in that list.

Of course the place is rife with speculations and rumours of the punishments facing everyone... but that cannot be a part of this official version, can it?

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