Saturday, December 29, 2007

China Diaries - Appointments

This is my fourth year in China and every once in a while I see something unique here. And hence the new category called "China Diaries"


The chinese are generally punctual as a rule. In fact, you shouldn't be surprised to find your faithful Chinese friend waiting for you half an hour before the appointed time. But the strange thing is that the Chinese don't seem to have been able to grasp on to the concept of appointments... at least my dentist hasn't. Every time I have to see that guy, which is usually once or twice a month, I have to wait for at least half an hour for him to get around to me. Once, I was left waiting for an hour and a half!
This is what generally happens :
D : Come back next thursday.
S : Okay!
[Thursday 2:30pm, thats when they start work in the afternoon]
D : [with his hands deep in someone's mouth] Deng yixiar (the exact translation of which is "wait a moment")
[After a 'moment' that stretches to 3:30pm] Come sit down. Let me have a look....

If they value time, why waste it?? If they don't, why show up so early??

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katie said...

Um yeah after not getting a chance to eat supper a few times I've been slightly frustrated with their tendency to show up an hour early while I'm either about to eat or in the middle of it.