Sunday, December 16, 2007

Last month

What could be more interesting to write about than last month?
It was an action packed November [a month whose effects will be felt for some time...] Its strange when I look back and take in all that happened.
There are so many things that I should just list them...
The big Indo-Nepal fight of course was the biggest event. It will be a while before it all settles down now.
I lost my passport of 9 years. Got a new one after a visit to Beijing... a visit I had to postpone a bit because I missed my train the first time for the first time. I had to get my "health examination" done and hopefully I'll have my passport and visa safe with me by the end of next week.
The Avengers [my cricket team and the reigning champions for three years] lost out for the first time in a tournament... in fact, we didn't even make it to the knockout stage.
Oh the exam results!
And quite a few more.....

But in the midst of it all a lot of good things happened and I quote He "moves in mysterious ways" [Thanks U2 ;)]

And throughout this month I've had "Overkill" stuck in my head... "I can't get to sleep, I think about the implications..." but no, sleep hasn't been a problem ;)

I'm looking forward to Christmas now... and january when I'll go home, my first 'Indian Jan' in 4 years.

Home is where the heart is.

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