Sunday, December 16, 2007


[A Dictionary entry]

A-ranting n. the process of ranting. Generally associated with people who mean no harm but may be sarcastically inclined. usage. has a positive connotation [merry-making]
history. made popular by the hit song "I'm a-goin' a-rantin' ey-oh" sung to the tune of "Shippin' up to Boston" by 'The Dropkick Murphys'

:y symbol. a popular internet smiley called the 'sheepish grin' smiley.

#$%^&*!~@ symbol. notations available universally on keyboards. used instead of foul language in polite internet conversation inc. emails, blogs etc.

Grabbing n. the process by which a person attempts to keep only the good qualities of his personality(-ties) while leaving out the rest.

My ing'lish ise very poor phrase. If perfectly executed it means "Leave me alone!"

Sooraj proper n. A name hard to pronounce in this part of the world.
A telephone conversation.
C: What is your name?
S: Sooraj
C: I know you are student. What is your name?
S: [slowly] name is Sooraj.
C: [angry] are you making joke?
S: ^%#^@

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