Sunday, December 16, 2007

Using 'bad' language

Does 'bad or 'foul' language bother you? Should it bother you? Is it 'wrong' to 'cuss'? Is it 'wrong' if it does not bother you?

Well, almost everyone around me curses. One way or the other. The words themselves range from funny name calling to potentially serious verbal abuse of family members. So why do people tolerate it? It has become so common that it has become part of common language. Thats how friends address each other now. But still respect to elders demands that we don't use these words while addressing older people. But that dosen't prevent people from using them behind their backs.
So is it a serious crime?
Once you are used to it you no longer feel anything is wrong. Maybe thats why Mel Gibson got into so much trouble.
This topic will be open for discussion for some time to come....

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Ai Tian Tian said...

You have so much more to say on the topic that is very noteworthy, Ive heard it and other people want to hear it, so blog it!