Sunday, December 16, 2007

Are We Destroying the Earth?

[A conversation]

Its in the news, all the intelligent men of our times are worried about it, the environmentalists are losing sleep over it, people around the world are wired up.... the earth is dying! "Save our planet" is the slogan, "we have only one home".....WHAT??????Can we REaLLy destroy the earth? is it PoSSibLe??Am I implying that all the brains in the world, the majority of the people... are all stupid?



Because we cannot destroy the earth, not yet, at least not with the technology I know of.... maybe the US military has something up its sleeve... but other than that I highly doubt it.

But then what about a World War? Surely that will be the end of mankind!


??? MAke up your mind!!! You say we can't destroy the earth.... and now you say that mankind will end... #%^$%@

Thats where you are wrong my friend. We are fully capable of destroying ourselves. But not the earth. What part of earth's history do men cover buddy? Do you know? To put things in perpective for you, consider the entire history of earth as 24 hrs. You know how much man takes up?

12 hrs? 6 hrs? one hour at least?

heh.... less than a minute. The earth has been... and will be.... as far as man is concerned... but in the cosmos... earth's life is very short and will end soon.... but that wont be for some millions of years when the sun starts to burn out...You remember all those movies when meteorites hit earth and brings up the ice age? Even through that the earth will survive... if we can build something far more powerful than that.. we might have a chance to destroy earth

You dummy!! the life on earth will be destroyed! thats what everyone talks about when they say the earth will be destroyed!

Nope, life will survive... because it has survived worse and it will endure for some time to come... even if all humans are destroyed...and I want all the dumb people of the world to realise that. They still think... "Oh I'm doing a good thing... I'm saving the world... I use recycled paper... I dispose off batteries carefully, because I care for the earth... I am a good citizen" FOOLS!!!! They don't realise that they are trying to save themselves, but still they maintain the attitude of feigned benevolence

What about the clever people then?


You said you want the dumb people to realise....

Oh, the clever already know

yea right... you self important @#%$@!

What did you say?


.... whatever...

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