Friday, February 15, 2008

Ode to Moonlight

Not the moonlight, to Moonlight.
Ode to Moonlight. Hmm... that would make an interesting poem. If only I had some major poetic revelation or inspiration I could have done justice to the title. But alas, words fail me. I cannot seem to think creatively.
I look up at the moon. Just past its half now, and yet so bright. I think I'm in love with the moon. That's decided then, Moonlight - my Valentine for 2008.
The Breeze is here again. I like you too. But Moonlight already has my heart.
Poor Moonlight. I wonder how many people have romanced her... and gotten over her. Will I be just another in her long list of lovers? Maybe I should sing her "I'll stand by you" by the Pretenders. But I know I cannot, because I know I'll change. I'll leave her behind soon. I'm sure I would always come back, I always do. But I am sure I will leave, I always do. I know she deserves much better treatment. No, not a better person, just better treatment. Even a bad man can treat someone well. "It's what you do that defines you, not what you are deep down inside" haha thanks Batman ;)
I must not slip into monotonous monologies... she is still here, shining down on me. Maybe I love her because she is soft and the light she casts is just enough to cast shadows. It's a... blurry light. It helps to differentiate things and yet merges things, unites things. She is white and everything else is grey - shades of grey. Even the shadows are grey.
It's getting chilly now. I can feel the cold creeping up on me. I should go in. No point sitting outside and catching a cold. I leave. I am leaving. I am leaving her. So much for "I'll stand by you". And suddenly I realise the truth and smile. It's the other way around - she'll stand by me. Just like she has stood by all her other ungrateful admirers. She understands me. She knows I will leave and she knows I will come back. She is patient and lets me know that whenever I want, she'll be there. And of course, she will do her own special appearances from time to time... so beautiful that I'll forget everything else and fall in love with her again. She knows she can do that. She has the ability to make me fall in love with her over and over again. Hmm... does that make her sound like a calculating and evil character? But she's not. Because, she is pure, and as far as I am concerned, for my short little life on earth, she is eternal and I should be eternally grateful to her for loving me.
I should.

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