Sunday, October 5, 2008


I once read a book about the Holocaust, among the best I've read. Owing to the circumstances [I had a very limited time to read and return the book - less than two hours] I didn't notice the name of the book or the author, and had been regretting it for a while. Recently, as I was randomly searching through the iRead application on Facebook after months of inactivity, I came across "Night" and it's author, Elie Wiesel. I have already quoted him in an earlier 'Quoatable' blog. That book is awesome. Thanks iRead.

Talking about books, a foreigner had once raised the question,
"What book would you have to read to get some background in Chinese culture?"
No one really had an answer, even though some suggested a Taoist book or two. I think it should be "Wild Swans". Read it a couple of months back, and if you've been in China as long as I have, you can see quite a few connections between the people now and all the upheavals of recent history so poignantly described in that book.

Right now I have in my possession "Shantaram", a Bumbai epic by a firangi. Thanks to the really long gaps between each time I pick up that book, and the enormity of it, I'd say this one will last me a looong time.

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