Sunday, April 21, 2013

Post Reader Era

Google is shutting down Reader. That is already old news. Most readers have migrated to other sites providing similar service. I sit here and look at my blank Google Reader page and wonder. The list of blogs on the left - there are no new posts anymore. Do I belong to a bygone era? "Oh I used to blog", I say. I don't blog anymore - surprisingly, none of my limited reader base does either (except, well, you know who you are) Don't interesting things happen in our lives anymore? Have we lost the ability to compose? Are we more busy than we were?
Perhaps it was just a time - an era - of blogging that we were all part of at the same time. Like some rock n roll era - it was good while it lasted, but we can't have it back. We've moved on - like life does.
As I am forced to move from Reader, I wonder how many of the blog links I should carry over to whatever new service I get on to. Does it even make sense to do that? Will any of these blogs which have been silent - some for years now - ever see a new post grace its page again? Perhaps not. But what if it did? Would it bring the same joy it once brought me? Oh yes! And so I carry on hoping.


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katie said...

I want it back! But then again, I never seem to be ready to relinquish the past. The question now, is, what's next? Blogs have died (or are in the throes of death); what will take their place? Do you have a Twitter? I have a feeling Twitter is not a replacement, but tweets do seem to be a form of mini-blog for our attention-deficit generation.

Okay I'm rambling. Sorry.