Thursday, August 5, 2010

5 Year Plan

Oh the pressures to blog! For some reason, after coming home my brain couldn't come up with spontaneously ingenious sharable thoughts. Guess I'll just have to stick to youtube links and posting all my songs here to keep going. Last I checked, my iTunes has 8.7 days worth of songs in the list - that's 3125 blog posts waiting to happen.

Or, like I was thinking the other day, I could draw up a five year plan - one of those long term goals which was all the rage in socialist India's beginnings. And then I'd know where I'll stand when I'm 30. 30!! I'll be 30 in five years!! I've always seen 30 year olds as wise, mature and sober family men who have left the follies of youth behind (and sport a thick beard and moustache) When I suddenly realised that I was just a little over a World Cup away from that reality, I panicked. I would have completely succumbed to that panic attack and would have been screaming and writhing on the floor if I hadn't been the cool dude that I am. I tried to rationalize. In the coming five years a lot many things would happen and it wouldn't seem so short. Plus there was a possibility that I might just retain some of the youthful spring in my step. But it became increasingly imperative that I plan on something to do to my life to help counter and balance what my life would do to me - like not being a student anymore; having to file tax returns and buy insurance; having to decide where to settle down; not having the luxury of being crazy or opinionated; of getting married; of putting yourself second to the greater good of mankind!

Suddenly the pressure of creating a 5 year plan started outweighing the pressure to blog, and here I am again to vent. Have you been here before? Advice! Advice!


J. Cus said...

I'm where you're at right now!! I have no advice. But we can hyperventilate together.

katie said...

You don't have the luxury of being opinionated? That's no way to live!

I was going to blog about this too but I was preoccupied by worrying.

abjini said...
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abjini said...

poor dear,i had no idea abt this side of u...."dont have luxury of being opinionated"plz ..since when..advice???dont have any coz i need a decade more to reach where u r now...

Ai Tian Tian said...

Well to further worry you, another year has trickled by so now you are exactly a World Cup away, do share your progress report of this 5 year plan!

buwahaha (my evil laugh)

Don't believe the hype, its not that serious, its all a conspiracy!