Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mosquitoes Don't Have Souls

It was one of those nasty Delhi nights when you try to study but can't because for one, your brain seems to have shrunk to pre stone-age levels, and more importantly, some purely evil mosquito clan was plotting your demise with a mixture of malaria, dengue and chikungunya.

I've always found that though mosquito hordes are not exactly easy to get rid of, it's the solitary survivors that are the most annoying. To hover up to your ear, disappear, bite your arm, disappear, come back to attack your leg... and all this while it's like that darn mosquito has got hold of a built-to-size version of Harry Potter's invisibility cloak to wrap around itself... where ARE you!?!?!!!

Chasing one such monster that night, unsuccessfully I might add, I hit upon a brilliant idea. I would kill it with my brain-waves; as in waves that come out of my brain. Much has been said about the power of suggestion and how some people just drop dead because the medicine-man said so. I decided to concentrate on this particular mosquito with the thoughts - "Die!Die!Die!" (yes I repeated it in batches of three, in my mind of course) After a while, since it didn't seem to work, possibly because my brain wasn't trained enough in the art, I started chanting in a low voice. I was surprised when that didn't work especially since I've known it to work in humans. I've seen and heard of many people losing out, not because of lack of abilities, but because someone told them they were no good. If you tell someone long enough that they are no good, there is a high chance of them just folding up and giving in when all they needed was a little encouragement and support to get them through.
I ran to all nooks and corners of my vocabulary to find words of discouragement and hatred in hopes that the mosquito would drop dead, but it continued buzzing in my ears. Something was not right. It was then that I realised there was a fundamental difference between a man and a mosquito. The soul. The eternal engine that pumps life, once squashed, destroys a man, but a mosquito was immune because it had no soul we could speak to. There was nothing we could change with a word, no feelings to hurt, no heart to wound. In its own way, the mosquito was immune to so many things humans are susceptible to. As the futility of my quest dawned to me, I decided the best way forward was to cover myself with a sheet and go to bed.

"Mosquitoes have no souls, but humans do" - Anonymous


katie said...

Maybe you just didn’t have enough hatred in your mind to successfully destroy him. A purely evil person might be able to pull it off.

Also, please continue on this great new path of blogging regularly that you’ve begun.

Sophie said...

only you Sooraj can come up with such fantastic ideas! omg... May God Bless you with more ideas :) ;)