Monday, July 14, 2008

China University Football Tournament

Three Gorges University was the host for this year's China University Football Tournament.
It was a fun few days for us as we went to every match of our University to cheer them on. The team coach was so pleased by our vociferous support that he sent up cartoons of cool drinks every game and provided us with drums and loud speakers. Every substituted player would bow and cheer us a they left the field and of course played extra well... or so we like to think anyway!
Our university team is really good and in fact were the defening Chmapions. They didn't let their supporters down either and reached the finals. For every match we had our own half-time shows with Mexican waves and lots of songs with improvised lyrics including my own rendition of "We will rock you".
For the finals we were out in full force with painted faces and printed banners proclaiming our loyal support to our university, "San da" [short for "Sanxia Daxue" the original/Chinese name of our University]

And yes we won the finals too! Our favourite defender was chosen the 'Player of the Tournament' and we got to take pictures with the Trophy... the only sad part was that it was raining and the camera was no good, so none of the pictures came out well. Oh well, who needs photos!

"Go San da; San da, Jia you!!!"

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