Friday, May 16, 2008

Getting wiser

It looks like every travel opportunity instructs you in many ways, including teaching you about yourself. Just listing some things I learned when I was on the road during the May holidays.

1. It can be hazardous for your health and general well-being if your traveling companion is a baby with bottomless pants. [For the uninitiated, these are pants with a long slit on the bottom, and the babies don't wear diapers] There's no telling when the next leak is due or where it might land.
2. Carrying a heavy bag while sight seeing can be annoying.
3. I enjoy trying new food items when someone explains them to me. Otherwise I'd rather stick to KFC or McD's for fast, cheap food.
4. Even though I don't particularly enjoy being pointed and stared at by people because I'm a foreigner, when they don't do so, I feel inadequate and inferior - "Am I not special enough for you?" I take this as a sad sign of being a foriegner for too long.
5. I seem to be a pretty demanding teacher. But I'm not! :)

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