Saturday, August 1, 2009


The author of this blog would like to express his sincere thanks to
his friend and long time blog reader, Oswin, for his continued support
and readership, as evidenced by the blog comments, even in this time
of adversity when the author deeply regrets that only two articles
have seen the light of day in a span of four months. As it becomes
increasingly clear that the blog coverage has dropped to one
(excluding the ones coerced into signing up for the email
subscriptions as a result of skillful maneuvering by the author), the
blog manager has come up with a new scheme for rewarding the support
(by means of gifts, letters of encouragement and blog comments - in
that order) received in this gruelling endeavour so as to maintain an
active partnership between writer and reader in the absence of much
writing, and consequently, of much reading. As a first step, the Board
of directors has decided to bestow upon Oswin, the title of 'La Grande
Supporteur'. The other details of the prize will be announced at a
later date by the executive committee.

You, yes you my friend reading this blog entry, you too can be
eligible for a wonderful, meaningful and thoughtful appreciation if
you just post a comment. Don't wait! Act now!